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Product Details

Art your life by artists worldwide at any time.

Crossover with Hong Kong Fashion Week

「CENTRESTAGE X Fashion Show VIP Night」

ARTYOU cooperates with artists worldwide, putting their art pieces on your body.

Product description

🍃2 pieces/pack

Water proof

🍃After applied for three hours,

🍃ARTYOU is waterproof and breathable, therefore shower would not cause damage to it. However, rubbing repetitively or with pressure could cause damage to the product.

🍃First time use:

Persistence description: clean and dry your skin before use.

🍃Leg, foot, internal of arm and leg: 8-14 days

🍃Chest, shoulder, back, waist: 6-12 days

🍃Lateral arm and thigh: 4-8 days

🍃Ear, face, hand: 1-2 days

🍃Finger: 1 day

Recently applied body art will show margin and luster temporarily. After 3-5 hours, the body art would become more naturally, until fully combined with your skin.

🍃After 10 days(with the different season, different skin condition and oil, the persistent time can differ.)

Dark light:

Natural color                                                                          Details art  

Above description only applicable for normal situation, with different season, different skin condition and oil, the persistent time can differ.


🍃1. Don’t use body art accessories on wounds.

🍃2. Clothes or accessories may cause damage to the body art.

🍃3. Oil, lotion, remover products will damage body art easily.

🍃4. Bumpy/hairy skin and sweat could also cause damage.

How to use:

How to remove:


Designed by artists & illustrators all over the world/Made in HK.

FB: artyouhk
IG: artyouhk